I'm just another network engineer out there, trying to get a hang of all the stuff thrown at me at work.
This blog details all of the stuff I'm working with on a daily basis and I'm going to do my best to document it in a way that can possibly help someone else avoid the problems I've been having.

Some I's:

  • I live in Toronto, Canada.
  • I have been a network engineer for the past 14 years (as of January/2021)
  • I started in this field at University Computing Centre in Croatia
  • I let my CCNA, CCDA, CCNP and CCDP certs expire/lapse a long time ago
  • I actually got certified just recently as part of my job, so as of now I am certified in:
  • I was planning on getting CCIE certified, but I am a lazy person and the work that I do on a daily basis actually takes me in a lot of differrent directions that are not Cisco-exclusive and one-technology-only
  • I own a consulting company called Oslon IT Limited. Head there if you want to hire me for consulting services.

For everything else, you can take a look at my CV here.